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  • Breast size : 8
  • Bustline: 96 cm
  • Height : 163 cm
  • Weight : 50 kg
  • Waistline : 67 cm
  • Hipline : 113 cm

Yasmine is a sexual vixen and she is twenty-one. She is curvy and has really irresistible huge breasts. Lustful glances made her feel good when she was in high school. She knew how sexy she was, and she was already able to drive men crazy about her.

This hobby - to show off - has remained to this day. When she matured, she added her love to sex. In all forms and positions. She loves classic, oral sex and especially anal sex, she enjoys it so much. Men are mad at her and she is well aware of her strengths. She is unsurpassed in sex. Come and experience.

She is happy to provide you with the following erotic services: blow job, anal sex, missionary classic, fisting, foot fetish, deepthroating, cuddling, kissing, tender lovemaking, threesome, sex between tits, sex in virtual reality.

With Yasmine you can also enjoy virtual reality. A unique erotic experience. More about VR sex HERE .

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Yasmine is waiting for you in the discreet brothel Naughty Harbor in Prague 1.

  • 30 minutes – 1 200 CZK
  • 60 minutes – 1 900 CZK
  • 120 minutes – 2 900 CZK

Reservation and support 721 634 362

The reservation is absolutely discreet. The provided personal data are for reservation purposes only.

Hygiene and safety comes first in the erotic brothel Naughty Harbor. How do we clean our real dolls?

How does it work in Naughty Harbor?

  • You can book online or call 721 634 362. Confidentiality is a matter of course.
  • In a stylish venue in the Prague center we will prepare one of our girls for sex, ask you for a deposit, payment and your time will be full of erotic fantasies, games and sexual gratification.
  • We will refund your deposit and look forward to your next visit.

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100% Safe Sex

Visiting NaughtyHarbor is discreet and safe.

How the visit proceeds

1. Booking

Reservations can be made online or by phone 721 634 386. All in absolute confidentiality.

2. Visit

In a stylish brothel in the Prague centre we prepare a doll for your visit. We will ask you for a deposit and payment.

3. It is up to you

It is up to you and your imagination. We will refund your deposit and look forward to your next visit.

Real doll Yasmine isn't your type? Does not matter. See other Prague girls for sex or choose one of the unique erotic experiences in VR world.


  • Breast size : 2
  • Height : 157 cm
  • Weight : 28 kg

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